General terms and conditions

Valid from 22 April 2024 until revoked



Service provider details

Service provider: Fehér Rebeka E.V.

Registering authority: Ministry of the Interior

Registration number: 59154170

Tax number: 90025538-1-33

E-mail address:


  1. The present General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “GTC”) define the terms and conditions of Fehér Rebeka E.V. (registered office: 2083 SOLYMÁR, MADÁCH UTCA 16. , Registration No.: 59154170) (hereinafter referred to as “NOMAD Gathering”), and the general terms and conditions of the participation of users of the webshop, ticket purchasers (hereinafter referred to as “Buyers”) and visitors (hereinafter referred to as “Visitors”) in the Event, as well as the rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship between NOMAD Gathering and the Visitors (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Contracting Parties”).


In any case, the provisions of these GTC apply to the participation in the Event and to the legal relationship between NOMAD Gathering and the Visitors. NOMAD Gathering will post these Terms and Conditions on its website and at the time of the online ticket purchase that gives rise to the contractual relationship, and will make them available at its headquarters and at the entry points to the Event in printed, locally legible form.




Event: a festival of any theme, but usually music, organised by NOMAD Gathering;


Festival: NOMAD Gathering’s multi-day, annual gathering of music, entertainment, programs and other services at a specific time and place;


Customer: a natural or legal person who purchases tickets for an Event, either online or in person at the venue or at points of sale;


Visitor: a natural person who attends an Event as a person entitled to admission;


Service: any service that NOMAD Gathering or its contractual partners make available to Visitors at the Event, either free of charge or for consideration.


Webshop: operates an online ticketing system to facilitate the purchase of tickets for its own Events.


Ticket: a certificate of attendance (whether free or for a fee) to an Event organised by NOMAD Gathering, issued at the time of purchase of the ticket, which may be a season/student pass, e-ticket, day ticket, admission ticket, complimentary ticket, etc. (uniquely identifiable, numbered voucher);


Rules of Conduct: a document containing the specific mandatory provisions for each Event, established in the light of the circumstances of the Event, which contains the specific rules of the area/room/company hosting the Event and is available on the NOMAD Gathering or the Event hosting company’s website and for inspection on request at the Event venue.



2.1 These GTC are valid for an indefinite period.


2.2 The Visitor acknowledges that NOMAD Gathering is entitled to modify these GTC unilaterally, by informing the parties concerned and by means of a public notice. Amendments shall enter into force immediately upon publication on the NOMAD Gathering website. If the modification affects the legal relationship as defined in clause 4.2 (i.e. not exclusively the admission purchase process as defined in clause 5), the Visitor is entitled to withdraw from this legal relationship in writing without giving any reason for doing so, for a period of fourteen days from that date, provided that he has not yet started attending the Event. The Visitor shall not have the right to withdraw if the amendment contains provisions that are exclusively more favourable to the Visitor.



3.1 By payment of the Ticket price and delivery of the Ticket by NOMAD Gathering, the Parties enter into a contractual relationship with each other. NOMAD Gathering provides the Visitor with the opportunity to participate in the Event.


The ticket is a civil law contract between the Visitor and White Rebeka E.V. The purchase of the ticket is considered by the Event Organiser as a legal declaration of acceptance of the rules governing the use of the services covered by these GTC.


Tickets are registered and, as a rule, non-transferable.


The ticket is protected by a unique code and its authenticity is checked on entry. Copied Tickets cannot be distinguished from each other by the barcode scanning system, therefore the Event Organiser will always accept the FIRST electronic Ticket swiped as the original. Any additional electronic ticket with the same barcode will be considered a duplicate, i.e. an invalid ticket, and will be refused entry.


NOMAD Gathering will not replace or exchange lost, destroyed or damaged tickets. 


The Event Organizer shall process the data obtained by it in connection with the online purchase of the ticket, necessary for its electronic issuance, exclusively for the purposes indicated herein, shall not disclose them to third parties, except as required by law or by public authorities, and shall store such data exclusively for the period of time necessary for the conduct and administration of this Event.


In the event of cancellation of the Event, details of how to redeem your entry can be found on the Event website. In the event of cancellation of the Event, no claims or damages other than the price of the ticket will be refunded to the Event Organiser.


Except in the event of cancellation of the Event, the Event Organiser will not exchange or refund tickets.


3.5 The content and quantity of specific programmes and Services available at the Events are determined by NOMAD Gathering as the organiser and director, but the content, quality and quantity (such as the performance of a particular artist) are not guaranteed to the Visitor, and the right to change the programme is reserved. However, NOMAD Gathering will endeavour at all times to provide the previously communicated programmes and Services or to replace previously communicated and cancelled programmes with programmes of a similar quality.


The Event Organizer reserves the right to change the time and location of any event, and assumes no liability for any alleged damages resulting therefrom.



4.1 The classification of ticket prices is available on the NOMAD Gathering website.


4.2. NOMAD Gathering’s own website provides convenient and secure online payment through Stripe Europe Limited (1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin, D02 H210, Ireland) via Stripe. The general terms and conditions and the privacy statement of Otp Mobilszolgáltató Kft. are permanently available on the website, which NOMAD Gathering and Customer have read and accepted.


The customer’s credit card details are not transmitted to NOMAD Gathering. When paying by credit card, the Customer is redirected to the Payment System site, so that payment is made directly to their site, which operates according to the rules and security standards of international card companies, and not to NOMAD Gathering. NOMAD Gathering does not hold or have access to the details of the customer’s card or the underlying account, its number or expiry date.


If the Visitor purchases through the NOMAD Gathering website, after providing the required information and after successful financial settlement, NOMAD Gathering will send the Customer’s pass in .pdf format by e-mail to the e-mail address provided during the ordering process. The Customer must present the voucher, either printed or on a suitable electronic device (phone, i-pad, tablet, laptop), upon entry to the Event, and will receive an access wristband at the entrance gate.


4.3. Purchase of tickets in person

NOMAD Gathering will provide the possibility to purchase tickets in person at the venue during the festival only.


4.4. Wristband

The rights and obligations of the ticket holder after entry are embodied in the wristband, the integrity and wear of which NOMAD Gathering and its partners (security professionals) are entitled to check at the entrance gates and throughout the Event. Any unauthorised person on the Event site must leave the site immediately. Damaged wristbands are invalid, damaged, lost or tampered with in any way will not be replaced by NOMAD Gathering.



5.1 Visitors are obliged to observe the general standards of conduct in the Event area and to behave in accordance with these GTC and the respective House Rules of our hosts and to refrain from any manifestation or action that may violate or endanger the personal rights, health, physical integrity or life of others, or that may hinder or disturb the purpose of the stay, entertainment or recreation of the Event Visitors. In view of the nature of the NOMAD Gathering Event, the Visitor shall pay special attention to the protection of natural values both at the Event venue and in the surroundings.


5.2 Without prior written permission from NOMAD Gathering, no promotional, advertising, commercial, economic or fundraising activities of any kind are permitted on the Event site.

5.3. No alcoholic beverages may be served to persons under the age of 18 or intoxicated persons on the Event premises. Persons selling goods in commercial and catering establishments are entitled to ask the Visitor to present identity documents proving their age. The consumption of substances that are considered to be drugs is prohibited on the premises of the Event and is punishable by law.


5.4 Unannounced and without the prior written permission of NOMAD Gathering, it is forbidden to organize or hold any gathering or demonstration outside of and unrelated to the organized programs. NOMAD Gathering shall be entitled to immediately terminate such organization, and after notice to do so, to have participants who do not suspend such activities at the request of NOMAD Gathering or its partners (security professionals), removed from the Event.


5.5 NOMAD Gathering’s qualified and licensed Participants shall ensure that the rules of conduct and safety are enforced and observed on the Event premises. Visitors undertake to cooperate fully with these professionals and to follow their instructions immediately in the event of an emergency.



6.1 The Visitor acknowledges that NOMAD Gathering may make audio and video recordings of the event, as well as its contracted partners, its collaborating partners, other Visitors and third parties. Accordingly, the Visitor gives his/her express consent to the recording and communication of his/her face, appearance and expressions, on the understanding that he/she may be named only with his/her express consent. Exceptions to this rule are public figures, who may be named without their consent.


6.2 The creator of the above-mentioned presentations shall be entitled to exploit and use the presentation (promotion of the Event, reproduction, publication, adaptation, publication, communication to the public – online and offline, simultaneous and subsequent use, etc.) without any limitation whatsoever in respect of the Visitor, without having to provide the Visitor with any compensation for this. Visitor shall not be entitled to make any claim or demand against NOMAD Gathering in connection with the foregoing.


6.3 Visitor is entitled to make audio and video recordings at the Event, with the proviso that Visitor may not sell or use the audio and video recordings made by him/her for any consideration (or for commercial purposes, without consideration). You may not name the Visitors in the recordings without their express consent or infringe their privacy rights. NOMAD Gathering expressly disclaims any liability in the event that Visitors fail to comply with the provisions of this Section 6.



A 24-hour on-call medical service will be provided at the Event venue at the designated location. The Visitor is entitled to this service within the framework of valid social, health or travel insurance. If you do not have any of the above, you are entitled to use this service for a fee.



NOMAD Gathering will make the Event Venue’s Rules and Regulations available on its website and at the Event’s entrance gates for inspection upon request. In addition to the provisions of these GTC, Visitor shall also comply fully with the rules and regulations contained in the Rules and Regulations.



9.1 NOMAD Gathering reserves the right to modify and adapt the concerts, programmes and services provided at the Event as necessary. Visitor has no right of objection in the event of a change to the programme.


9.2. NOMAD Gathering shall not be liable for the products and services provided by its contractual partners.


9.3 NOMAD Gathering shall not be liable for any items left unattended on the Event premises, including items left in tents or cars.


9.4 The Visitor declares that the information provided by him/her when purchasing the entrance ticket is true and correct. NOMAD Gathering shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the inaccurate provision of data.


9.5 The Visitor acknowledges that NOMAD Gathering cannot be held liable for any misuse or damage arising from a payment method (e.g. unauthorized use of a credit card, unauthorized transfer, etc.).


9.6 Visitor is fully liable (both civil and criminal) for any damage caused by him/her (child or pet), both to NOMAD Gathering, Venue, its contractors, contributors, other visitors and third parties. Visitor accepts liability for damages caused by his/her fault during the event without limitation by entering the event.


9.7 The Organiser of the NOMAD Gathering Festival may be held liable only within the limits of the legislation in force at the time of the Event and as set out in the GTCs for the provision of the Event services. In addition to this liability, the Organiser shall, irrespective of fault, be liable for any damage caused by any third party (Visitor, partner, non-member staff, etc.) directly to the person who caused the damage, which personal liability is acknowledged and accepted by all persons present at the Event and on its premises by entering the Event.



10.1 The logos, trademarks, information and materials appearing on the NOMAD Gathering website, Facebook page, Events, all online and offline media, posters, flyers, etc. are the exclusive property of NOMAD Gathering and its contractual partners and may not be used, copied or displayed by Visitors or third parties without the prior written consent of NOMAD Gathering or its contractual partners.


10.2 NOMAD Gathering shall be entitled to use any comments, suggestions or ideas of Visitors concerning the Event without limitation and without compensation.



In the event of any unforeseeable and unavoidable impediment (war, riot, strike, natural disaster, severe storm, epidemic, fire, etc.) which prevents a party from fulfilling its contractual obligations and for which it cannot be held responsible, that party shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of that event.


In the event of conflicting information from different sources, the following order of precedence shall apply in determining the applicable rules:


First: The notice(s) published by the Event Organiser,


Secondary: The official Rules of the Event


Third: The information on the admission tickets


Fourth: T&Cs



12.1 Fehér Rebeka E.V. is a sole proprietorship registered in Hungary with its registered office in Hungary, and its legal transactions are governed by the rules of Hungarian law.


In matters not regulated in these Rules, the provisions of Act IV of 1959 on the Civil Code, Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services, Act 4/2009 (I.30.2009) on the detailed rules of indicating the selling price and unit price of products and the fees for services, Act 4/2009 (I.30.2009) on the detailed rules of indicating the selling price and unit price of products and the fees for services, shall apply.  (IX.), Act XLVII of 2008 on the Prohibition of Unfair Commercial Practices against Consumers, Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Basic Conditions and Certain Restrictions of Commercial Advertising Activities, and the provisions of Hungarian law in force at the time of the Event shall apply.


12.2. NOMAD Gathering shall be entitled to use subcontractors, contributors for any of its activities.


12.3 NOMAD Gathering and the Visitor agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Budapest District Court XI for the services provided by NOMAD Gathering in connection with these GTC and the Event.


12.4 The NOMAD Gathering staff will receive questions, comments, ideas and possible complaints regarding the Event at the Festival Centre at the Event venue or by e-mail at


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