House rule


Please contribute to the preservation of the NOMAD Gathering area and to the peaceful and trouble-free running of the event by adhering to the following rules in addition to the General Terms and Conditions (LINK).


  1. For the safety of Festival participants, certain objects and equipment may not be brought into the Festival area. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to bring pyrotechnic devices, glassware, objects or devices containing explosive, toxic or flammable substances, firearms, throwing stars, slingshots, knives with cutting edges longer than 8 cm, butterfly knives, switchblades, gas sprays or other objects defined in the current legislation on particularly dangerous objects for public safety. This may be checked at the entrance and throughout the event by our Security staff, who may confiscate any items deemed dangerous, which will be returned to the previous owner on leaving the event, unless their possession is prohibited by law.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to light fires or use any open flame in the Event area, except in designated areas.
  3. It is also FORBIDDEN to bring into or use into the Event area intoxicants, narcotics or other prohibited substances! Please note that the possession and use of such substances is punishable by law!
  4. You are also not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages into the Event area, and please be careful with your alcohol consumption during the Event.
  5. You may bring water or soft drinks into the Event area in one PET bottle with a maximum capacity of 1.5 litres. Please bring no more than pre-packaged food, as for food safety and public health reasons we are only able to admit food in this form. Food and tobacco products are allowed within reasonable limits, i.e. not in commercial quantities, i.e. you may bring a maximum of 1 carton (10 packs) of cigarettes, 10 packs of cigars and (regardless of size) 10 cigars. You may not purchase tobacco products within the Event area.
  6. Smoking is only allowed in the dedicated areas!
  7. Your pets are welcome at the NOMAD Gathering, but as a conscious, responsible pet owner, please make sure you follow these rules! Dogs (other than assistance dogs) must be on a leash and kept on a leash for the duration of the Event, as you are fully responsible for them. As the organisers of the Event, we reserve the right to require the dog and its owner to leave immediately if there is any serious threat to the peace and quiet of other festival-goers or to their physical safety. In addition to assistance or guide dogs or police dogs, only tame, leashed pets that are not dangerous to the life, health or physical safety of festival-goers or others, as is generally accepted practice, will be allowed on the event grounds. An additional condition for the entry of a dog is the presentation of its vaccination book and a tag with the owner’s telephone number, which is also available during the Event. Please also take extra care with hygiene, always clean up after your pet! 
  8. Although we will make sure that the Event area is clean at all times, please help us to keep it clean by using the garbage and recycling bins provided. Please place PET bottles without caps in the bin in a squeezed state to ensure that as much rubbish as possible can fit in the bin!
  9. We cannot be held responsible for any parcels left unattended in the tents, so we recommend that you place your valuables in our parcel and valuables lockers! 
  10. If you have lost something, please hand it in at the Infopoint or look for it there yourself.
  11. For any comments, complaints or ideas about the catering, the organisers or anything else, please contact the Event Centre staff or email In both cases, except in the case of an emergency, you will probably get a reply from us after the Event. Thank you in advance for your patience!


  1. Your access to and stay in the Event area is limited to the time specified on the ticket purchased. When choosing your tent pitches, please ONLY use the designated tent pitches. Only tiled tents of a maximum size of 3 m2 per person may be pitched in the designated tent pitches. So called day tents (“saletli”) are not allowed.
  2. Visitors may use the electrical and communal equipment and installations provided on the Event site in accordance with their intended purpose.
  3. Fires may be lit in the Festival area only in designated areas, and the use of open flames and certain camping equipment (camping stoves, gas cylinders, etc.) is subject to strict compliance with fire lighting regulations.
  4. Please use the toilets, showers and toilets according to their purpose and cleanliness, and please pay attention to each other and to the health and cleanliness of the environment.
  5. The Organiser of the NOMAD Gatgering can only be held liable within the limits of the legislation in force at the time of the Event and as set out in the GTCs for the Event Services. In addition to this liability, the Organiser shall, irrespective of fault, be liable for any damage caused by third parties (visitors, partners, non-partners, etc.) directly to the person who caused the damage, which personal liability is acknowledged and accepted by all persons present at the Event and on its premises by entering the Event.
  6. The Event Organiser shall not be liable for objects, luggage or valuables left unattended in tents or other places.
  7. During the entire duration of the Event, and before leaving the tent site or the Event area, please tidy up the tent site and its surroundings and use the waste bins. It is forbidden to damage or pollute the environment of the Event area!
  8. Dogs and other pets must be kept on a leash and, where appropriate, muzzled, under the supervision of their owners, when on the Event site, and in particular in the vicinity of the tent pitches.
  9. Please report any damage, defects of equipment or any kind of equipment to the Organizers without delay.
  10. If the Visitor seriously or repeatedly violates the provisions of these Regulations, the Event Organizers or Event security personnel may escort the Visitor out of the Event area and remove the wristband.
  11. Visitors may contact any of the contact details on the Event website or the Event Centre staff with any questions, comments, complaints or ideas.



These regulations apply to the Festival area and to the free parking spaces designated in the vicinity of the Festival, as well as to vehicles temporarily parked in the designated parking spaces.

  1. Guests may park free of charge in the designated car parks in the Festival area and, like the Event organisers, service providers and performers, are obliged to comply fully with the Highway Code and to pay special attention to Visitors at all times. Maximum speed limit in the Event area: 20 km/h.
  2. Parking for Guests arriving by caravan or motorhome is free of charge. Caravans (self-propelled or towed) may be driven in on the opening day of the Event and left on the last day of the Event, and are not permitted on intermediate days.
  3. By purchasing an admission ticket and using the designated parking area, you accept the provisions of these regulations and acknowledge that the Event Organiser shall not be liable for any damage caused to the vehicle or for any objects or valuables left in the vehicle during parking.
  4. The car parks are for car parking only, while the roads leading to the car parks are for access by car. Vehicles must be parked in the car parks in such a way that they occupy only the designated parking space, with due regard to the surrounding vehicles. After the vehicle has been parked, it must be locked and the handbrake must be applied in accordance with the regulations, thus preventing damage and ensuring the protection of property. 
  5. The rules of the Highway Code apply in the parking area and the instructions of the Event staff must be followed in order to ensure the smooth use of the parking area and other Visitors.
  6. The organisers of the Event are entitled to close all or part of the car parks and the roads leading to them, and to restrict traffic. In this case, the Festival organisers shall direct the traffic, provide information on the expected duration of the restriction, and open the closed area without delay after the event giving rise to the restriction or closure has passed. 
  7. Smoking or the use of open flames, obstructing the normal operation of the car park, the parking of other vehicles, the stopping of a vehicle with a gas or oil leak from its fuel tank, the stopping of a vehicle without a registration plate or a vehicle not complying with traffic regulations is prohibited. 
  8. If the Visitor seriously or repeatedly breaches the provisions of these regulations, the Event organisers or their partners (security staff) may have him removed from the car park.
  9. The Event organisers are entitled to have the vehicle removed from the car park at the risk and expense of the owner or operator of the vehicle, if the vehicle is obstructing traffic, parking of other vehicles, access to and exit from the car park. The Event organisers will not provide security for the removed vehicle.
  10. You are liable for damage caused to other vehicles or other equipment, and the Event is not liable for damage caused by third parties to vehicles and/or their passengers in the parking areas. Please report any such damage to the Event organisers without delay.
  11. The Organiser of the NOMAD Gathering may be held liable only within the limits of the legislation in force at the time of the Event and as set out in the GTC for the Event service. In addition to this liability, the Organiser is not liable for any damage, theft or injury caused by third parties. Everness will employ security services in the designated parking areas solely for the purposes of general damage prevention, necessary traffic management and parking safety as indicated in these Regulations.
  12. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Hungarian law in force at the time of the Event shall prevail.


Have fun and enjoy yourself!


Budapest, 24th April, 2024

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